With the help of layout manager, users can set up the desirable screen layout for their site. It uses Inline editing of each subsite layout through our user-friendly drag and drop interface.

The process is conducted at the front end and depends on the level of security.

Introduction to Layout

Layout is used to set-up the structure of intranet. The content is presented on the layout such as quick links, news, company calendar. Users with certain security levels can contribute to site content through the Front End of the intranet with the help of layout manager.

When users create a subsite, the structure of rows and columns and the applications that are placed in their respective places, all constitute the layout. And that layout is based on an underlying structure or a framework called Template. Templates are the reusable frameworks which determine the structure of rows and columns for the layout.

Layout Manager is an application that helps to manage the layouts.

Users can see the the Layout Manager option in the top toolbar of the susbite, depending upon the security level. 

Major functions of the application include: