Content pages are the medium for displaying content within CMS. They are based on templates, which set the underlying structure and 

dictates the user to what can be added or edited to a CMS page.

To Create a Page

1. Click on the library option in the generic toolbar. (image)

2. Navigate to the existing folder to create a new page. (image)

3. Once at the folder, go to the Editing Toolbar and click on Add and from the drop down click on pages option.(image)

4. Enter the page details:(image)

  • Title- Give a name to the page.
  • URL- Enter a link to access the page.
  • Description- Enter an appropriate description of the page which should get displayed in search results.
  • Date- Set the page to appear on the intranet after a certain date/time. Set an expiry date on the page to remove it from the intranet.

5. Click on the Next tab. (image)

6. Now, click on the Metadata option. User can set Metadata on the page for a better searching by adding the fields that can be filled to give more information.(image)

7. Security- The creator can add User(s) by typing a name in the box and then selecting from the list and can select the security level from the drop-down. (image)

8. Click on Owners. Specify the page owner(s), to add an owner, type a name in the box and then select from the list . (image)

8. Select the template by clicking on the Select Template tab and then select one template from the list of templates if there are more than one. (image)

9. Click on Create. (image)

Components : User can drag and drop the required components from the components list in the desired cell.

To Edit an Existing Page

1. Navigate to the page which is to be edited.

2. Click on Edit and then on Live version. (image)

3. Click on the heading, the user can edit the heading in the formatted Text toolbar.(image)

4. Now, if the user wants to edit the image. Click on the image component and user can either crop or clear the image. (image)

5. Click on the Preview option to have a clear view of the page.

6. The user should click on the save button. The user will be prompted with four different options that are:(image)

  • Save my Draft and keep Editing: Save the page as a draft and the user can continue editing the page.
  • Save my Draft and Exit: Save the page as a draft and user can exit out of editing the page.
  • Publish to Staging and Exit: Publish the page to staging and user can exit out of editing the page.
  • Publish to Live and Exit: Publish the page to live and user can exit out of editing the page.

7. Select the the last option i.e. Publish to live and Exit.