How To Upload Files

1. Click on Library in the generic toolbar.

2. Navigate to the existing folder where the file(s) has to be uploaded.

3. Click on the Add Button and then select Add Files option or the user can drag and drop the files also.

Ensure Your Files Upload Correctly

4. Once you have identified the folder to upload files, select all the files, images, videos, documents you desire to upload.  You can click on each item or select them all and drag / drop them into the file up loader.  Once done click on "Upload".  Completion of your files being uploaded is verified by the "Green" check mark that appears next to the file name.

5. The next step listed is an option.  You can enter the Description of the files uploaded and "Delay Publishing and Set the Expiry Date".

6. After you completed step (5) you can set the Metadata on the files to enhance searching. 

7. Here you can set user access, by setting the Security Level on files.

8. Set Owner(s) on the file(s) being uploaded.

9. Click on the Finish tab to complete the process.

10. At the bottom, user can select the Tile or List option to view files.