Nav Editor

With the help of Nav Editor the user can easily navigate through their site and subsites. It provides three levels to the user in order to facilitate smooth navigation through the subsite.  Navigation 

usually contains links to pages which are within the subsite, it also contains links to other pages. It is through the Nav Editor application that the Nav Bars are managed at the subsite level.

Two Types of Navigation:

Vertical Navigation- This type of navigation is normally utilized typically when a user needs to add a subsite, and may want this navigation to be specific tho that particular subsite..

Compulsory Nav Items- These items can be assigned to the subsite and will appear automatically on every subsite which can be edited only through the home site.

Horizontal Navigation- This type of navigation can be subsite specific or can be applied as a global navigation across the intranet.


1. Add, edit and delete navigation items.

2. Add documents, HTML pages, subsites as menu items.

3. Give each page an automatic URL as the site grows organically.