Managing layouts

Once in the Editing interface, you will see several tabs on the top toolbar. After Components tab you see Properties, Owners, Security, Version etc.

  • Properties- clicking on Edit option, allows you to change the settings such as the Title of the layout, Description, URL, Template used for the layout etc from here.  These options relate to the overall management of the Layout Manager.

  • Owners- here you can view/edit the owner(s) of the layout, by clicking on Manage Owners.

  • Security - allows you to change or assign the security to users for your layout by clicking on Manage Security.
  • Version- User can manage the different versions in the layout by clicking on Manage Versions. Version control gives version information to the user such as the current version number, person who created it, date and time of creation and the description entered while creating, as well as permits the authorized user to revert to a previous version if required. 

1. Select the Radio button of the relevant version.

2. Click on View in order to view the selected version.

3. Click on the Revert button above the list of versions to revert to a previous version.