Components (link it to the components page)

  1. Site framework
  2. Application
  3. Media
  4. Text

Components can be found under the Components tab on the Top Toolbar when you are in Edit Mode. To add a component to your layout, select the component you wish to add from the available options and drag and drop it onto the layout.

Components are divided into several categories based on the functionality they provide. These categories include Site Framework, Application, Media, Text etc.

The site content is created based on a set of components you select which can be dragged and dropped into place.

Components are used to:

  • Add content to your site
  • Quickly and easily move content around
  • Import and display content from other areas of the site

The Site Framework components as the name suggests are structural, i.e. they play a role in the structure of the layout.

The Application components are the content components, which means they hold some or the other content in the form of links which take us to different content areas.

The Media components allow you to add an image or an fetch content from an external source.

Text components allow you add text or videos to your layout.