Creating a poll

1. Select Add Poll from the Quick Poll menu

2. Select the type that you would like to create: Poll or Quiz 

3. Enter the poll Question (eg. How often do you use the intranet?)

Select Active to make the poll available to users on the intranet.

4. Enter the poll Answer(s).

By default, 2 text boxes are available for answers.

Click on Add Answer to add additional answer text boxes.

To remove an answer, click on Remove 


5.  Include a Read More Link; this is optional and can be a link to more information about the subject matter of the quiz etc. This link is set up in the admin and appears on the FrontEnd above the list of answers. (Screenshot)

6. Once all answers are entered, click on Next to continue.

7. Review the details, click on Back to make changes.

8. Click on Finish to save.