What is it?

Make your users feel engaged with your brand by including your company or intranet logo at the top of your intranet within the Site Header. 

The Site Header component displays the logo which is centrally managed via the Admin of the intranet. If updated, the logos across the site within the Site Header component will be updated to match. Enterprise Search (or "global search") can be turned on or off within this component.

When do I use it?

We recommend that you include the Site Header component in the top cell when creating site layout templates in Layout Manager. Other components that should also be added are Navigation and Breadcrumb Bar components. In most cases, the Site Header is the first component in the top cell and it sits above the Navigation component. 

To add the Site Header component to a site layout

Note: a security level of contributor or higher is needed to edit a layout

  1. Navigate to the site where you want to add the site header. 
  2. From the top toolbar select Edit > Live and then select Components. 
  3. From the Add Components list, click Site Header and drag to the required location on your layout. 

Set Properties for the Site Header component

You can turn Enterprise Search on or off as well as edit the spacing around the Site Header to change how it looks in your layout. 

  1. In the layout, click the Site Header component, the properties are displayed on the left. 
  2. Click the Edit button. 
  3. Tick the checkbox to Display Search within the site header. 
  4. Increase or decrease padding as required. 
  5. Click Save. 

Replacing the logo


You cannot change the Site Header Logo within the Component, as you must have an Admin account with 'SuperUser' permissions to make this change - for more information see under "Editing an existing subsite" to change the Subsite details including the logo.

Alternatively our dedicated article on "Changing your logo in the Site Header" will show how to replace the logo specifically.