#Channel Feed Component 

What is it?

In order to know what is happening within channels, what your colleagues are up to and if there are any recent updates then you can always use the #channel feed component to keep a track of the activities happening within the channels. The posts posted in the channels appear here by using the #channel feed component.

When do I use it?

The #Channel Feed component can be added anywhere in the layout. It increases the visibility of current posts in a #channel feed.

To add the component to a site Layout

Note: You need to have a Security level of Contributor or higher in order to edit a layout.

  1. Navigate to the site where you want to add the #Channel Feed.
  2. From the top toolbar select Edit>Live and then select Components.
  3. From, the Add Components list click #Channel Feed and drag to the required location on your layout.

Set properties for the #Channel Feed component

You can select the required #channel feed and edit the spacing around it to change how it looks in your layout.

  1. In the layout, click the #Channel Feed Component, the properties are displayed on the left.
  2. Click the Edit Button
  3. Heading: The title that appears on the live site above the Channel Component. If left blank then the heading either will be 'All #Channels Feed' or hashtag of the selected #Channel.Feed Content: User can either select All #Channels or Specific #Channel. By selecting All #Channels a combined feed of all the latest activity from all #Channels will be visible to the users. In Specific #Channel only feed of the latest activity mentioned by the user will be visible.

4.Increase or decrease the padding as required.

5. Click Save.