What is it?

Use the #Channel Feed component to keep track of all activities within #channels. View activities within #channels, what colleagues are up to, and view the most recent updates. All posts (including those you are following) will appear within the #Channel Feed component.

When do I use it?

Add the #Channel Feed component anywhere in a layout. It increases visibility and fosters collaboration, allowing everyone to see current activity and connect to conversations.

Adding the component to a site Layout

Note: a security level of contributor or higher is needed to edit a layout

  1. Navigate to the site where you want to add the #Channel Feed component.
  2. Go to the top toolbar, select Edit>Live and select Add Components.
  3. From the Add Components list, select Applications > #Channel Feed and drag it to the desired location on your layout.

Setting properties for the #Channel Feed component

You can select the required #channel feed and edit the spacing around it to change how it looks in your layout.

  1. In the layout, click the #Channel Feed Component, the properties are displayed on the left.
  2. Click the Edit Button
  3. Heading: The title that appears on the live site above the Channel Component. If left empty, the heading will either be 'All #Channels Feed' or hashtag of the selected #Channel.
  4. Feed Content: Content owners can either select All #Channels or a Specific #Channel. Selecting ‘All #Channels’ will display a combined feed of the latest activity from all #Channels. Selecting ‘Specific #Channel’ will display only the latest activity feed mentioned by a person.
  5. Number of posts: Select the number of posts to display within the component from the drop-down. You can pick any number from 1 to 10. By default the value will be 3 for older components.
  6. The new features within this component allows users to directly comment on any post from within the component, without having to click on to the actual post. Also allows the editing and deletion of posts. These options can be turned off from the component properties.

  7. Increase or decrease the padding as desired.


    7. Click Save.