#Channel Feed

The process is conducted through the Front End of GreenOrbit and depends on the level of security applied.

The #Channel Feed Component allows the user to display the posts from specific #Channel or a combined feed from all the #Channels on a layout, page or profile.

The advantages of #Channel Feed Component are:

  • To increase the visibility of posts currently in a #Channel Feed.
  • To keep the users occupied with the current posts in all #Channels.
  • To add a dynamic element to the layouts, pages and profiles (for example Home).
  • To view the posts on a layout, page or profile without accessing the #Channel.

Component Properties:

Feed Content- User can either select All #Channels or Specific #Channel. By selecting All #Channels a combined feed of all the latest activity from all #Channels will be visible to the users. In Specific #Channel only feed of the latest activity mentioned by the user will be visible.

Heading: The title that appears on the live site above the Channel Component. If left blank then the heading either will be 'All #Channels Feed' or hashtag of the selected #Channel.

Padding - TOP, Right, Bottom, Left.

Default Value: 0px
The padding property specifies the padding that gets placed around the component. Specific values can be applied to the top, right, bottom and left of the component's boundary.