What is it? 

This article explains how to create a new calendar from the Admin.

When do I use it?
We recommend using the calendar when you desire to create a schedule for the company and or departments within the company.  The beauty of the calendar is that you can create as many calendars as you like and overlay them onto the main company calendar.


(Note: Login to the Admin in order to carry out the steps given below:)

How do you add a calendar? 

1. From the Company Calendar menu, select Manage Calendar option.

2. Click on Add Calendar tab (located at the top of the calendar list towards right).

3. Enter the details:

  1. Give an appropriate Title as the Heading of the Calendar that will be displayed on the Front End of the intranet.

  2. Mention the URL path which is the intranet address of the calendar.

  3. Give the Description which should explain the whole purpose of calendar.

  4. The content of Active calendar becomes accessible from Front End. If the Active check box is not selected by the user, then the content won't be accessible from Front End of the intranet.

  5. When a calendar is shared, then its events can also be accessed and viewed through other subsites.

  6. In order to distinguish the events from other calendars, choose a color from the dropdown.

  7.  Click on Next.

4. The Overlay Calendar lets the user view events from multiple calendars (i.e. calendars on the current subsite and shared calendars will be displayed on the front end) on the top of events of the current calendar.

5. Select the calendars which should be visible to users while viewing the current calendar. Calendars in the particular subsite will get displayed along with the Shared calendars by other Intranet Administrators.
Users can select Overlay option in order to view multiple calendar events together. This allows the user to select the events which they want to see while viewing one particular calendar. Once the user clicks on the Overlay checkbox it can be set to Overlay by default. The users will see events from a particular calendar by default after navigating to the current calendar.

6. Click on Next.

7. Overlay Rooms option allows the viewer to view meeting room on top of events of the current calendar. The user can overlay bookings for particular rooms onto the current calendar.

8. Set the security level on a particular Calendar. This controls what a user/users can do on the front end.

9. Click on Next.

10. Confirm the details entered; Click on the Back tab to make the changes or click on the Finish tab to save.