To Submit an Article  

To add a News article from the Front End of the intranet, navigate to the subsite. 

1. There are two ways to submit an article

  1. On the Front End, click on the submit article link that appears at the bottom of the News category.
  2. Navigate to the News category where the new article is to be added, click on the submit article option that appears in the context menu.

2.  Details

This step includes details such as Title, option to link it to existing content, option to choose category for the article, thumbnail and summary for the article.

3. Body

This step includes adding the content into the news body which will be visible on the Front End below the News title.

4. Advanced

This step includes 3 options - 

Schedule Article - Ability to set a future date on which the article will be published.

Expire article - ability to set an expiry date for the article.

Pin article - ability to assign a position to the article in the sequence of articles

Pinned Position Expire - by selecting the radio button user can select date and time a pin holds a position.

5. There are three options at the bottom of the wizard:

  • Preview - click to take a preview of the News article before submitting
  • Submit - click to submit this article for review, approval and publishing by a Site Administrator.
  • Cancel - click to cancel the Submit News Wizard and return to the list of News items.

Watch how to submit a news article video