To Submit an Article

To add a News article from the Front End of the intranet, the user should navigate to the subsite and News category where the new article has to be added.

1. Click on the Submit Article link situated at the bottom of the News category. 

2. Enter the News article details that includes title, thumbnail, summary and body.

3. Thumbnail:

  • Here, the user can use the zoom option.
  •  Two options of crop and clear are given.
  • Crop: The user can crop the image according to the requirement. 
  • Clear: The user can directly remove the image.

4. Delayed Publishing: By switching on the delayed publishing, user can select a publish date and time for the news article to be published. 

5.  There are two options at the bottom of the wizard:

  • Cancel - click to cancel the Submit News Wizard and return to the list of News items.
  • Submit - click to submit this article for review, approval and publishing by a Site Administrator.