Edit Calendar 

(Login to The Admin to carry forward the steps given below)

1. From the Company Calendar menu, select the manage Calendar option.

2. For the applicable calendar to be edited, select the Edit Link option.

3.  In the Edit Calendar, the user can see various tabs at the top titled as:  Details, Overlay, Form Fields, Workflow, Security (as given below). Select the tab based on the details you want to edit.

Calendar Details:

  1. The Title indicates the heading of the calendar for users to view on the front end.

  2.  URL path indicates the intranet address of the calendar.

  3. An appropriate Description should be given in order to explain the purpose of calendar.

  4. When the Active box is ticked then its content becomes accessible to the users on the Front End of the intranet. If the active box is not ticked then the calendar will become inactive.

  5. A shared calendar lets the other subsites access and view its events.

  6. To distinguish a calendar's events from other calendars on the front end choose Color option to set a color.

Overlay Calendars:

Editing Overlay Calendar options: - Overlay calendars let the user view events from numerous calendars (i.e. calendars on the current subsite and shared ones will be displayed on the front end).

Overlay Rooms:

Editing Overlay Rooms options: - Overlay Rooms allow the user to view the meeting room on top of the current calendar events.


Security allows the user to manage the security level as in who can submit and approve the calendar events.


Click on Apply tab to save the changes while remaining on the same page, then click on Ok tab to save the final changes.