Manage Event Groups

What is an Event Group?

Each calendar event can be categorized into Event Groups which is similar to the concept of tagging. From the Front End, users have the ability to filter events by Event Groups. 

(Login to The Admin in order to carry out the following steps)

Manage Event Groups:

Calendar Events can be categorized into the Event Groups which can be related to the concept of tagging. Users have the ability to filter out the events through Event Groups on the Front End.

1. From the Company Calendar menu, Select Manage Event Groups

2. A list of Event Groups gets displayed. An appropriate name should be entered in the Name field in order to Add an Event Group (located on left at the top of Event Group List).

3. The features of Event Group list are given below:

  1. The Name symbolizes a descriptive title of the Event Group.

  2. The Past Events give the total number of previous events categorized in the event group.

  3. The Current Events give the exact number of present events categorized in the Event Group.

  4. The Edit Link option allows the user to make changes to the Event Group.

  5. The Delete option lets the user to delete the existing Event Group. Once the event group is deleted, the user won't be able to retrieve it.