Adding a News Category

Please, login to The Admin  to complete the following steps. 

  1. Select Advanced from the News menu

  2. Select Add Category 

  3. Enter the Name for the News category, the URL Path will be automatically populated based on the Name

  4. Click Next

  5. Select the News Source as required

  6. If RSS Feed is selected, see RSS News Feeds for more help and information

  7. If Database is selected, enter the details as required:

    • Select Show Thumbnails to nominate whether thumbnails should be displayed. Thumbnails add some color and can help to break up text on the intranet, however the News application will take up more space in the layout (Note: thumbnails are never displayed if the News application is placed on the left and right panes of the layout, thumbnails are only active when the News application is located in the center of the subsite's layout)

    • If the Yes option for Show Thumbnails is selected you are able to add a Default Thumbnail for the category. To add a Default Thumbnail click Choose File to locate the image file, click Upload

    • Select Show Summary to nominate whether a summary of the News article should be displayed

    • Select Show More News to nominate whether the link to More News should be displayed

    • If the Yes option for Show More News is selected you are able to enter the More News Text to be displayed (Note: if no text is entered the link will be "More News" by default).

    • Note further: There is a Config Setting to define how many articles will display in the More News display. By default all articles will display. (This feature is available in version 7.1 +)

    • Select from the No. of News Items dropdown, this will be the number of News articles which will be displayed in the layout

    • Select Active to make the category available on the intranet

    • Select Default Category to make this the default category when adding the News application into the layout using Layout Manager

  8. Click Next to continue

  9. If required, modify the User Permissions for the category, this determines which users of the administration system should be able to edit the category. Only users in the Allow list will be able to view and modify this category and its contents. To grant a user access to this category, select them from the Deny list and click the right  arrow. The user will then appear in the Allow list. This user will now be able to manage this category depending on the user group they belong to, see User Permissions for more information on the permission structures in News. If a user is not in the list, they will need to be added to a News user group via the administration

  10. Click Next to continue

  11. If required, modify the Security options for this category

  12. Click Next to continue

  13. Review the details, click Back to make changes if needed.

  14. Click Finish to save and the category will be added.