Adding a News Category

The process of adding a News Category has been simplified.  In previous version this process was conducted on in the admin of the software.  It was also based on the permission level that was assigned to a specific user/s.  Now all of that activity has been moved to the front end of the software.  Below are the simple steps to complete this action: 

  1. Start the process of submitting a News Article.  You will notice in the "Details" section (Title, Link to Existing Account, and Categories). When you are submitting a News Article it is here were you can select the category where you would like the article to appear. You have the option to select multiple categories for your article.

  2. Select the Category or Categories for your News Article.

    In the event that you want to create a brand new category, you would follow the below steps:

    Under "Submit Article" look above at the "Breadcrumb Bar" you will see the following: (Home  >  News  >  Company 

    News).  To access the news folder click on the "News" link on the "Breadcrumb Bar".    

  1. Click the NEWS link.  This opens up the folder with all the existing "News Categories".

  2. Select the "Add Category" option which opens another page wizard.  There are (3) sections in the wizard that must be completed to add the new category.  
    • Details - The name - Tab down this automatically creates the URL - (You can change the name and URL to anything you desire) - Three (3) radio button options: 
      • Add an RSS Feed URL to import news from another source, 
      • Set you category to active 
      • Make the category a default for all new articles submitted. Once this is done click "Next".

  3. In the next section you configure the view settings of the category.  
    • Setting the "Default View"
      • Tile 
      • List
      • Radio buttons for "Standard Thumbnail", "Show Summary", and "Show More Link" with the option to change the text.
      • Select the number of News Articles Displayed by default in the News Component.

  4. In the final section, set the security on the category.  Setting security is the same process as everywhere else in the software.  The user decides who has access and permission in the created category.

  5. Click Finish after you have set your security.  This will take you to your  newly created category.  You will notice the category is empty.

    ** Not that this category has been created, whenever you select "Submit News Article", under the categories section the newly created "Sample Training" category will appear.** 

    6. One final note when working with categories you can move news articles to any category. News articles can exist in one or multiples categories. To manage your news categories click on "News" in the "Breadcrumb Bar". Click on the check box to edit specific category.

    User can only modify one category at a time. If user select multiple categories, user will receive the following message: