Adding a Folder

1.  In The Admin, expand the Online Forms application and select Manage Forms


2. Select Add Folder and complete the wizard Steps to create your folder; ie. Details, Workflow, Security, Finish, as detailed below.


Note: Use Back, Next, Cancel to step through the wizard


3. Steps

(i) Details - In this step, you Title the folder, create the Folder Path (URL), set a Description for its purpose and determine its status as Active.

Note: The folder path is automatically created based on the Title you enter.  An Active folder means its content is accessible from the Front End. Deselecting the Active check box would set the folder to Inactive and mean that its content cannot be accessed from the Front End.


(ii) Workflow -  An online form must be linked to a workflow, which defines how a form can be processed. In this step, you set which workflows will be available for the online forms in the folder. Here you can also set a Default workflow, that will be automatically selected for all forms created in this folder.


(iii) Security - Here you set the Front End user access to all forms in this folder. These users will include both, Submitters and Approvers.

Important settings to remember:
*Read Only* - this status is required for users to submit forms.
*Editor* or *Full control* - Either of these statuses is required for users to approve forms.

You can also set security on individual forms which will override folder lever security.

(iv) Owners - Specify the owner/s of this folder (and the forms inside this folder). Use the Add User/s Remove User/s buttons to do so.

(v) Confirm details and select Finish


4. Once finished, you will be taken to the folder view for the newly created folder.