1. In The Admin, expand the Online Forms application and select Manage Forms


2. Select Add Folder

3. Complete the steps in the wizard to create your folder.

(i) Details - In this step, you Title the folder, create the Folder Path (URL), set a Description for its purpose and determine its status as Active.


  • The folder path is automatically created based on the Title you enter. An Active folder means its contents are accessible from the Front End. 
  • Deselecting the Active check box would set the folder to Inactive and its content cannot then be accessed from the Front End.


(ii) Workflow -  An online form must be linked to a workflow, which defines how a form can be processed. In this step, you select the workflows that will be available for the online forms in the folder. Here you can also set a Default workflow, that will be automatically selected for all forms created in this folder.


(iii) Security - Here you set the Front End user access to all forms in this folder. These users will include both, Submitters and Approvers.

  • *Read Only - this status is required for users to submit forms. 
  • *Editor or *Full control - either of these statuses is required for users to review and approve form submissions.
  • You can also set security on individual forms which will override the folder lever security.

(iv) Owners - Specify the owner(s) of this folder (and the forms inside this folder). Use the buttons Add User/s and Remove User/s to add or remove users respectively.

(v) Confirm the details and click on Finish.


4. You will now be taken to the folder view for the newly created folder.