Start with navigating  to the news application for your site https://intranetname/SUBSITE/news 

This opens up the folder with all the existing "News Categories".

Editing an existing Category

Click edit.  The below wizard will open, where you can edit the exsting details here

Deactivate an existing Category

In the event that you want to deactivate a category or multiple categories at one time; select all the categories, your options change under the "Select an action" menu.  The options that appear are "Deactivate and Delete".  Click on "Deactivate".  Please note that there are no warnings or popups that inform you of the deactivation.  This is because the category has not been deleted only deactivated. If you want to reactivate the category simply click on the category and reactivate it. 

Deleting an existing Category

To delete a category complete the following steps:

Select the category/s which you want to delete.  Under "Select an action" click on "Delete.  You will receive a popup whereas you confirm the deletion.