Ad Manager

The Ad Manager Component permits authorized users to embed images from the existing locations created within the Ad Manager application in other parts of the site. Updates performed on the Ad Manager locations simultaneously gets reflected on the front end of the GreenOrbit .

The advantages of the Ad Manager Component are:

  • Easy to place Ad Manager banner images throughout the site.
  • After updating the Ad Manager locations the changes get reflected in multiple locations.
  • Existing images stored within GreenOrbit can be reused in order to save time.

Component Properties:

  • Select Ad Location-An existing Ad Manager Source from can be selected via the tree-view control as given below. Once an Ad Manager source has been selected, click on Save tab to confirm the selection.

  • Heading-¬†The user can give the name to the component, used as an identifier for the component.

  • Padding - Top, Right, Bottom, Left.
    Default Value: 0px
    The padding property specifies the padding that gets placed around the component. Specific values can be applied to the top, right, bottom and left  sections of the component's boundary.