Company Calendar

The Company Calendar Component is used to embed calendar/s from a subsite. This functionality permits the user to display the same calendar or a series of calendars in multiple locations within GreenOrbit. Any changes done to the original calendar gets simultaneously reflected on the Front End of GreenOrbit.

The advantages of the Company Calendar Component are:

  • Easy to put calendar information throughout the site.
  • Multiple options to present various calendar views depending upon the requirements.
  • The changes are reflected in multiple locations if the calendar events are updated.

Component Properties:

1. After dragging the Company Calendar Component onto the page, select the calendar to be displayed.

2. Edit the component and select the Existing Source from the tree view, as shown below.

3. Select the Display Format from the drop-down.

  • Month view-Displays each day of the month.
  • Detailed Day- Displays the current day with an hourly listing of events, as well as an All Day row for 'all day' events.
  • Detailed Week- Displays each day of the week with an hourly listing of the event, as well as an All Day row for 'all day' events.
  • Basic Day- Displays the current day only.
  • List Week- Displays each day's events vertically for 1 week.
  • List Fortnight- Displays each day's events vertically for 2 weeks.

4. Include Overlay Calendars- It enables the calendar to list events from the selected overlay calendars.

5. Switch on the Display Specific Date to determine if the calendar should display a specific date. If, it is not selected then the current date will be used.

6. The user should select the  First day of the week , Minimum time and Maximum time from the drop-down in the Component properties wizard. 

7.Padding -  Top, Right, Bottom, Left.

Default Value: 0px
The padding property specifies the padding that will be placed around the component. Specific values can be applied to the Top, Right, Bottom, Left sections of the component's boundary. 

8. Click on the Save tab.