The News Component is used to embed existing News Categories that can be reused at other relevant locations of GreenOrbit. Updates or any additional news added in the original News category gets reflected simultaneously on all other instances.

The advantages of The News component are:

  • Easy to create and share News across the site.
  • Easy to update all instances of the News category simultaneously.
  • A great control and continuity in published news.


    Select News Category- 
    Select an existing news source from within the News app via the tree-view control as given below.

    Component Properties:

    1. Heading- The user can give a heading which is optional on top of the news component.
    2. Display Format- From the drop-down user can select one of the option.
    • Standard- In this display format, the thumbnail and news title will be displayed.

    • Headline- In this display format, only the news title will be displayed in a list style.

    • Carousel- In this display format, the news articles will be displayed in rotating visuals .

      3. Number of Articles- From the drop down the user can select a particular number of articles to be displayed. If the   Default option is selected then all the articles will get displayed by default. 

      4. Padding- Top, Right, Bottom , Left
Default Value: 0px
The padding property specifies the padding that gets placed around the component. Specific values can be applied to the top, right, bottom and left sections of the component's boundary.