What is it?

The News component lets you to embed existing News Categories that can be used at other relevant locations of Green Orbit. The news created in the admin or in the front end can be displayed with the help of news component.

When do I use it?

The news component can be added anywhere in the layout. You can easily create and share news across the site, as well as select the display format for your news from three different display formats.

To add the News Components to a site layout: 

Note: you need to have a security level of Contributor or higher in order to edit a layout.

  • Navigate to the site where you want to add the news.
  • From the top toolbar select Edit>Live and then select components.
  • From the Add components list, click on news and drag it to the required location on your layout.

Set properties for the News Component: 

1. You can select the required News category and edit the spacing around it to change its look on your layout.

2. In the layout, click on the news component, and the properties are displayed on the left.

3. Click the Edit button.

Component Properties:

Select News Category- select an existing news source from within the News app via the tree-view.

  • Heading- The user can give a heading which is optional on top of the news component.
  • Display Format- From the drop-down, user can select one of the options.

    Standard- In this display format, the thumbnail and news title gets displayed.

 Headline- In this display format, only the news title gets displayed in a list style.

Carousel- In this display format, the news articles are displayed in rotating visuals.

Number of Articles: From the drop-down you can select a particular number of articles to be displayed. The number of articles selected while creating the news category in the admin is overwritten once the total number of articles are selected from here. If you select the Default option, then all the articles are displayed by default.


4. Increase or decrease the padding as required.

5. Click Save.