Adding a category:

Note: login to The Admin to carry forward the steps given below.

1. From the Quick Links menu,  select Advanced.

2. Within the Advanced menu, select Add Category.

3. Enter the Details as required:

  • Enter the Name which will be displayed as a heading for the Quick Link list

  • Give the Description which should be an explanation of the type of the link.

  • Click on Active, so that it becomes visible in Layout Manager. If the active checkbox is not ticked then it won't get added to the layout of the subsite.

4. Click on Next to continue.


5. Modify the User Permissions if required. The users in the Allow list will be able to view and modify this category and the contents. To grant a user access to this category, select them from the Deny list and click the right arrow. The user will now appear on the Allow-list. Now, the user will be able to manage the groups and Quick Links. If a user is not on the list, then they should be added to the Quick Links user group through the administration menu.

6. Click on the Next tab to continue.

7. Review the details, Go Back in order to make any changes.

8. Click on Finish to save.