Editing/ Deleting an Existing Category:

How to Edit an Existing Category:

1. Access your Admin and from the Quick Links menu, under the drop down select Advanced.

2. Once in the advanced menu you want to select Edit category.  Another wizard open granting you access to edit.

3. Next you want to click on Edit for the applicable category.

4. Just like when you created the category, the options are the same.  You see the options that you are allowed to modify: Name, Description and determine whether or not the category of links is active.

5. Click on Details and modify the information as applicable:

  • Enter the Name which gets displayed as a heading.

  • Give the Description which should be an explanation of the type of the link.

  • Remember to always select the radio button to Activate the category, so that it becomes visible in Layout Manager. If the active checkbox is not ticked, then it won't be added to the layout of the subsite.

6. Modify the User Permissions if required. The users in the Allow list will be able to view and modify this category and the contents. To grant a user access to this category, Select them from the Deny list and click the right arrow. The user will now appear on the Allow list. Now, the user will be able to manage the groups and Quick Links. If a user is not on the list, then they should be added to the Quick Links user group through the administration menu.

7. Go to the Groups option and modify the information as required.

8. Click on Apply to save and then click on OK to return to the category list.

Deleting an Existing Category:

1. If you are looking to delete a category, access your admin, from the Quick Links menu, select Advanced.

2. Next select Edit Category.

3. Once the wizard opens click on the Delete option for the applicable category.

4. Click on OK to delete.