Adding a New Group:

Login to The Admin and carry out the steps given below:

1. Click on Quick Links menu and select Advanced.

2. From the Advanced menu, Select Add Group option.

3. Enter the Details in the following manner:

  • The Name as the heading for the Quick Links list.
  • The Folder Name gets auto-generated.

  • Give a Description which is only visible through the administration system.

  • Select the Category where you want to place the group.

  • Click on the Active tab to make the group available.

  • In order to make the group as the default group select the Default option. The application Quick link exists on its own. When the Quick Link application is added, the group which gets displayed is added to the layout as the Default Group.

4. Review the changes , and click on the Back tab if you want to make any changes.

5.Click on Finish to save the changes.