Adding a New Quick Link:

1. Select  Add Quick Link from the Quick Links menu.

2. Select a category from the Category drop down to add the quick link to.

3. Click on Next to continue.

4. Select a group from the Group drop down to add the Quick link to.

 ( Note : It is important to select a group name which gets displayed as a title above the links).

5. Click on Next to continue.

6. Give the Details as required:

  • Enter the Name in the name tab.

  • Enter the URL which is the website address of the target.

  • The Location indicates the display style of Quick link. In List option the item gets displayed list wise and in Drop down option, the item becomes visible when the user selects more links drop-down list.

    (Note: the user can have both list items and drop down items in a single category)

7. Click on Next to continue.

8. Select the Opening Method for the Quick Link.

  • In New Window a new browser opens up for the selected page.
  • In Popup a popped up window opens up which can be customized easily.
  • In Current Window the link opens up in the current window.

9. Click on Next to continue.

10. Check the details, go Back if any changes are required.

11. Click on the Finish tab to save.