Page List

The Page List Component entitles the authorized users to easily create as well as display an index of CMS pages within a given folder from any location across the GreenOrbit. When any additional page(s) gets added to the chosen CMS folder it reflects simultaneously on the index page.

The advantages of Page List Component are:

  • Easy to create index pages.
  • Helps the users to locate pages in a given area.

Component Properties:

1. The authorized user can select the CMS folder from the tree-structure to be displayed.

2. Heading- User can give an appropriate Component Heading if required.

3.Target- Select either New Window option from the drop-down which  will display the content in new window or Current Window option which will display the content in the same window. 

4. Padding-Top, Right, Bottom, Left

Default Value: 0px
The padding property specifies the padding that gets placed around the component. Specific values can be applied to the top, right, bottom and left  sections of the component's boundary.