The image component is used to add images directly from local or network drives. It supports the common file types such as GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG and BMP.

The advantages of the Image Component are:

  • Supports multiple file types.
  • Images can be cropped and resized easily. 

Component Properties:

1. Click on the Edit tab for adjusting the component properties

2. Drag and drop the image component onto the page. Now, the user can select the crop tab or clear tab located under the image. 

3. On selecting crop option, user can either select an Aspect Ratio from the drop down according to the requirement or can Zoom in or Zoom out the image. 

4. To delete an image, click on the Clear tab.

5. Edit (Component Properties)

  • Image Link-This property sets a link for the image and when the image is clicked the link will launch.
  • Padding - Top, Right, Bottom, Left.
    Default Value: 0px
    The padding property specifies the padding that will be placed around the component. Specific values can be applied to the top, right, bottom, left and bottom sections of the component's boundary.