What is it? 

The Image component lets you add an image from local or network drives. It supports common file types such as GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and BMP.

When  do I use it?

You can add the Image component anywhere in your layout to provide a more enhanced look to your site.  It supports multiple file types and you can crop, as well as resize the image.

Adding the Image component to a site layout

Note: you need to have a security level of Contributor or higher in order to edit a layout.

1. Navigate to the site where you want to add the Image component.

2. Go to the top toolbar, select Edit > Live and then select Components.

3. From the Add Components list, select Media > Image and drag it to the desired location in your layout.

Setting properties for the Image component

You can select the desired image and edit the spacing around it to change how it looks in your layout:

1. In the layout, click the Image component. 

2. Click Browse to select an image from your system. Once the image is added you can select the Crop button to crop the image or the Clear button to remove the image.

3. Selecting the Crop button will open up additional parameters. Select an aspect ratio for your image from the Aspect Ratio drop-down menu. Select the Zoom slider to zoom in or out of the image. Click Apply to apply your changes.

4. Selecting the Image component also displays image properties on the left. To open these settings, click the Edit button.

5. Image Link - You can add a link to the image that will open when clicked.

6. Target - From the drop-down menu select either New Window to display the image link in a new window, or Current Window to display the image link in the current window.

7. Select Padding. Increase or decrease the padding as desired.

8. Click Save.