Add Nav Bar

To Add a Nav Bar:

Login to The admin to carry out the steps given below:

1. Select Add Nav Bar from the Nav Editor menu.

2. Enter the Nav Details.
Enter a Name for the new Nav Bar, and it will only be used for administrator reference.Click on Shared box for the Nav Bar to be shared with and used in other subsites.Click on Allow Editing box to give the authority to users from other subsites to make changes.The Navigation Position defines the appearance of Nav Bar in the site. Vertical: Displays the Nav Bar vertically i.e. downwards. Horizontal: Displays the Nav Bar horizontally i.e. across the screen.If the Vertical Navigation Position is selected then the Display Home Link Options appears which allows the user to display Home link on the Nav Bar, and by clicking on it the user gets directed to the 'Home' URL.Enter the Home Link Text which gets displayed when the Display Home Link option is selected.Enter the Home Link URL in order to give a URL to the Home Link Text.

3. Click on Next to continue.

4. Items on the Nav Bar can now be added, moved or deleted in the Nav Bar.

Click on the Add Item icon to add an Item. The new item will be added one level below the currently selected item.Select the Navigation Bar to create a root item.Click on the Delete Item icon, if you want to delete an item by clicking on the applicable item.Click on the separator icon, if you want to insert a separator. It is used to divide the Nav Bar into sections. Nav Bar items can move up and down with the help of up and down arrows.

5. While adding an item, give the following details as required.

The Name gets displayed on the navigation.In the Link option it authorises users to create a link to content resources and pages. It is the page that will open when the item is selected (Note: when the linking is done to an external website, ensure the URL is preceded by HTTP://).


 GO Content 

The GO content section within the Insert Link provides the user with the ability to navigate through the content within the intranet. 




The URL section within the Insert Link provides the user to enter the URL manually. 

Hyperlink Control modal-URL

The Link Type shows the way in which the page opens :

Current Window - the link opens in the current window itself by replacing the current content.

New Window - a new browser window opens up.

 Pop-up: a pop-up window opens up which can be customised easily.


6. Click on Next to Continue.

7. Check the details, click on back, if you want to make changes.


8. Click on Finish to save the changes and return to the Nav Editor menu.