Edit Nav Bar

In order to edit your Nav Bar, login to The Admin and follow the steps given below:

1. From the Nav Editor menu, select Edit Nav. 

2. Select the Vertical or Horizontal tab according to the requirement.

3. Click on the Edit option of the applicable Nav Bar.

4. Click on the Details and make the changes as required:

  • Edit the Name as per the requirement (it will only be used for administrator reference and won't be visible on the intranet).

  • Click on Shared in order to allow the Nav Bar to be shared and used in other subsites.

  • Select Allow Editing for the users from other subsites to make changes.

  • The Navigation Position gives the appearance to the Nav Bar on the site, Vertical option displays the Nav Bar vertically (downwards) and Horizontal option displays the Nav Bar horizontally (across the page).

  • When the Vertical Navigation is selected, the Display Home Link option will display the Home link in the Nav Bar, by clicking on this link the user will be directed to the 'home' URL.

  • Enter the required Home Link Text after selecting the Display Home Link option.

  • Enter the Home Link URL to give a URL to the Home Link text.  (Note: while linking it to an external website, the URL should be preceded by http://)

5. Click on the Nav Items tab to change the navigation items:

  • To Add an Item, click on the Add Item. The new item gets added one level below the selected item. Select the Navigation Bar item to create a root item; or another item can be created by selecting an existing root item which will be a child item.

  • Click on the Delete Item option, to Delete an Item by clicking the item and then Delete icon.

  • With the help of Upand Downarrows, the user can move the Nav Bar items up or down the list.

6.  The Details can be modified:

  • The Name gets displayed on the navigation, it should describe the link to direct the user.

  • The Link is the page that will open when the Nav item is selected.

  • The Link Type shows the manner in which the page opens.

* Current Window opens the link in the current window, recommended for inter links.

* New Window opens a new browser window, recommended for external links.

* Pop-up opens an easily customizable window.

7.  Click on Apply to save while staying on the same page; Click on OK to save the changes and return to the Nav Editor menu.