Adding a subsite

1. Select Add Subsite option from the Subsites menu

2. Enter a Name for the new subsite

3. Select the Subsite Group from the drop-down menu for the new subsite.

4. The Folder Name will generate automatically. It gives the location of the main domain where the Subsite gets stored. You can change the Folder Name by clicking on the text box and entering modified information.

5. Select the localized language:

Select the Use Client Language option to set the subsite language (e.g. Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools from the menu, select Internet Options, click the Languages button to set the preferred language). If no language is available, then it will attempt to use the default languages set by browser and if the language is not set in the intranet user's web browser settings then by default it will use the English language.

Select Use Subsite Language in the Subsite Language drop-down menu.

6. Select the desired language from the Subsite Language drop-down, this language will be used on a subsite if the localized language is set to Use Subsite Language

7. Select the applicable Time Zone for the new subsite as per the steps given below:

8. Set the Status from the drop-down menu of the new subsite:

Active symbolises that the site can be viewed on the intranet.

Inactive symbolises that the site neither can be edited in the administration's system nor can be viewed on the intranet.

9. Click on Next to continue.

10. Select the Applications which you want to include in your subsite.

11. Click on Next to continue.

12. Enter the Site Header Text for the Header Image of your subsite and by default this will be the name of your subsite. To preview the header image, click on Preview

13. Click on Next to continue.

a 14. Select the theme, either the theme specifically designed for your organisation or the Get Going basic theme

15.Security allows you to manage users who can view the content of subsite and by default all users have read-only access. 

16. Click on Next to continue.

17. Check the details, click on the Back button if you want to make changes.

18. Click on the Finish tab to save.