You can change the settings and preferences for a Subsite through this process. It also covers the process for adjusting security permissions that Front End users have when editing content via the Front End.

1. Select Edit Subsite from the Subsites menu

2. Select Edit for the applicable subsite

3. The subsite Name can be modified

4. To change the group in which the subsite is located, select it from the Subsite Group drop-down menu

5. You can change the folder name by entering a new one in the Folder Name field. The folder name indicates the location of the main domain where the subsite will be stored. (eg. If the intranet domain was http://greenorbit and the folder name was marketing, then the address of the subsite would be http://greenorbit/marketing )

6. Select the localized language:

Select Use Client Language to set the subsite language to user's intranet web browser settings (eg. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools from the menu, select Internet Options, click the Languages button to set the preferred language). The browser will use the set preferred language if it is available (translated) in Green Orbit. This is defined by the resources files in GO. If the language is not available it will attempt to use the other languages set by the browser in order of preference. If there are no languages set in the intranet user's web browser settings, then by default it will be set to English.

Select Use Subsite Language to use the language settings in the Subsite language drop-down menu in GO.

To change the subsite language, select the desired language from the Subsite Language drop-down menu. This is the language that will be used on a subsite if the localized language is set to Use Subsite Language

7. Select Time zone default from config settings to have the intranet system detect and use the default time zone as indicated in the config settings

Alternatively select Auto detect each user's PC time zone to have the intranet system detect and use the time zone as indicated by each individual user's PC settings

Or Select a time zone option allows you to manually select a time zone

8. To edit the Status of the subsite, select it from the Status drop-down menu:

  • Active means the site can be edited in the administration system and can be viewed on the intranet

  • Inactive means the site cannot be edited in the administration system and is not visible on the intranet

    Enable Check In/ Out.    

9. Click on the Applications tab at the top of the page

10. To modify the Applications that are available on your subsite, tick the applicable checkbox(es); untick the checkbox for the applications that you no longer wish to use on your subsite

11. Click on the Header Image tab at the top of the page

12. To change the text displayed in the header image, enter the new text into the Site Header Text field. Click on Preview, to check how your new header would look like.

13. To upload a new company logo, click on Choose File to locate the .jpg or .gif file and click on Upload New. Once uploaded, the preview image of the site header will be updated with the new logo

14. Click on the Themes tab at the top of the page and select the required theme as per the list

15. Click on the Security tab at the top of the page

16. The Selected Users box shows the users along with their current security permission levels, to modify the security permission level of an existing user, select the applicable checkbox next to their name and from the Change Security Level drop-down select the new permission level. 

Click OK or Apply to save the changes.

There are 3 options for adding additional users to the Selected Users box in order to modify their security level: the Users option in the dropdown allows you to add users individually, and the User Group option allows you to add groups of users, the Domains option allows you to add a whole domain (Note: the domain option is only for on-premise installation that are using Active Directory authentication)

  • Applying security to individual Users
    Search for users to add by entering details into the search function in the Users tab. Each user found by the search will be listed, click on Add for the applicable user to add them to Selected Users box. 

  • Applying security to Groups
    Search for groups to add by entering search details into the search function in the User Groups tab. To add a user group, click on Add. Alternatively, if you know the name of a user group, you can add it by entering the group name into the Group Name text box and then click on Add

  • Applying security to a Domain
    To add an entire domain to the Selected Users box, select an existing domain from the drop-down menu in the Domains tab. Alternatively, you can type in the name of a domain to add into the Domain Name text box and click on Add


17. After adding all the Users / User Groups / Domains, you can then apply appropriate security permissions by selecting the check box corresponding to the User / Group / Domain and then choose the new permission level from the Change Security Level drop-down box. 

18. Click on Apply to save and stay on the current page; click on OK to save and return to the list of subsites


Deleting an existing Subsite

  1. Select Edit Subsite from the Subsites menu

  2. Click on Delete for the applicable subsite

  3. To confirm the deletion, click on OK