The HTML component creates content using the languages such a HTML, Javascript and CSS. This component can be used to create content using web languages and can embed other web applications.

Advantages of the HTML Component are:

  • To write basic HTML
  • Can write Javascript in order to create interaction and monitor events.
  • Flash movies can be embedded.
  • External web applications can be embedded for example Google apps such as weather, calendar, maps, etc.
  •  Creates smooth user interfaces.

Component Properties:

1. Click on the Edit tab for adjusting the component properties

2. Heading: Enter some text to give a heading to the component,  if left blank heading won't appear.

3. Padding: Top, Right, Bottom, Left

Default Value: 0px

The padding property specifies the padding that gets placed around the component. Specific values can be applied to top, right, 

bottom and left  sections of the component's boundary.