What is it?

A CMS page is how information and content displays across your intranet to your users. The CMS Page component allows the user to select any CMS page to display within a site layout. 

When do I use it?

The content on site home pages is generally targeted to most users, however, there may be times you'd like to display some content dedicated to a specific group of users, i.e. Managers, or the Board, etc. The CMS Page component allows you to select a page of content to be displayed within the site home page - only those users with access will see its content. 

Adding the CMS Page component to a site layout

Note: a security level of contributor or higher is needed to edit a layout

  1. Navigate to the site where you want to add the CMS page
  2. From the top toolbar, select Edit > Live and then select Components. 
  3. From the Add Components list, click Site Framework > CMS Page and drag to the desired location on your layout

Setting properties for the CMS Page component

You can select the required CMS Page and edit the spacing around it to change how it looks in your layout.

  1. In the layout, click on the CMS Page component. The component properties are displayed on the left.
    Note: the component initially appears "empty" as the source of the CMS Page to be displayed has not yet been defined.

  2. Click the Edit button. 
  3. Select the required CMS Page. 
    Note: to secure the content that will be displayed, Security must be applied at the CMS Page, not here in the component  

  4. Increase or decrease padding as required.


  5. Click Save.