Facilities are the hardware items required during a meeting room booking. For example: whiteboard, projector, teleconferencing equipment etc. Each facility is associated with a Location. They may be shared between the rooms in that location and are managed by the Facility Manager.

Add a Facility: 

    Login to the Admin to complete the steps below.

1. Select Add Facility from the Meeting Room Booking menu.

2. Enter the Details of the facility:

  • Select the Location where this facility is to be enlisted. 
  • Name added here will be displayed in the Front End when users are selecting facilities they require.
  • The Code is a serial number or id for managing the facility within admin.
  • The Description can include details of the facility and is only visible in the Admin interface.
  • Select Active to make it available to users in the Front End.

3. Click Next to continue

4. Select the checkbox for Shared between rooms, if this facility is shared between multiple rooms. Leave it unchecked, if there is one for each room. From the rooms listed, select the ones that can use this facility.

5.  Click Next to continue
6.  Review the details and click Back to make changes. Or click Finish to save.

Edit a Facility:

    Login to the Admin to complete the steps below.

1. Select Edit Facility from the Meeting Room Booking menu.

2. Select View Facilities for the applicable location.

3. Click Edit for the applicable facility.

4. Edit Name, Code or Description in the Details tab. Keep the box for Active checked to allow users to view and select the facility while booking a room.

5. In the Rooms tab, select the rooms where this facility is available in. Select Shared between rooms option, if the facility is shared between the rooms where it has been made available.

6. Click Apply to save the changes and continue editing. Click OK to save and return to the list of facilities.