To Add a Booking

1.  Access the Meeting Room Booking Application and select the required location  from the select a link drop-down . 

2. Once selected, the rooms of the selected location will be displayed on the left side in the Filter By section. 

3. Click on the Add option located at the top of the Meeting Room Booking heading.

4. Enter the details in the Add Booking wizard.

  • Title- Enter the title that the users will see on the calendar.
  • Location- This field is locked and confirms the location of meeting rooms.
  • Room- The user can select room from the drop-down for the current booking.
  • Description- User can enter the description for the booking that is being made. 
  • Date- Select the start and end dates as well as the time for booking.
  • Type- The user can set the booking as a one-off single booking or a regular Recurring booking.

5. On selecting the Recurring option, the user can further select the options from Recurrence and Occurrences drop-downs. 

6.  In the facilities section , enter the required facilities for the current booking. 

7. Click on the Save tab to save the event.