Adding a News Article

1. Select Add News from the News menu

2. Select the applicable category; if available, you can select multiple categories to create duplicate copies of the
article. (Note: if you have just 1 category in a subsite, you will bypass this step).

3. Click Next to continue

4. Enter the Details of the article:

5. The News Title is the heading for the article

The News Title URL Link checkbox, if selected, will create the News Title as a direct link to your chosen URL,
rather than writing a News Body. Select the checkbox and add the required URL to the pop-up

The News Summary is displayed beneath the title, if the category has summaries enabled, this summary
will be visible when the article is displayed in a list on the intranet

The Displayed Date is the date that is displayed on the article

Select Publish Date if you want the news to appear on the intranet after a certain date / time. Select the
appropriate date from the drop down (eg. a weekly News article may be produced, the article can be created
at any time but will only be displayed on the intranet according to
date / time that is entered)

Select Expiry Date if you would like to select a date / time for the article to expire and be removed from
the intranet

Upload a Thumbnail: if you do not upload a thumbnail, the category's default thumbnail will be displayed
(Note: the thumbnail will only be displayed with the News article on the intranet if thumbnails have been
enabled for the selected category. The recommended size for a thumbnail is 71 x 50 pixels)

By default, News articles are displayed in date order, with the most recent article at the top. To modify the
Priority of an article, select from the drop down list (Note: 1 = top rank)

The Approve checkbox is selected by default, making the article available on the intranet immediately.
If deselected, the article then needs to be approved by an administrator

6. Click Next to continue

7. Enter the News Body for the article using the Rich Text Box which has a range of inbuilt formatting tools.

8. Click Next to continue. Review the details, click Back to make changes if required. 

9. Click Finish to save and return to the list of articles