General Statistics

Overall Statistics 

  1. The Overall Statistics tab gives an overview of how the intranet or specific subsites are being used. It provides information on:
  • Overall Page Views - The number of impressions (hits) the site has received
  • Average Page Views Per Day - The average number of impressions (hits) per day
  • Overall Visits - The number of users who have visited the site
  • Average Page Visits Per Day - The average number of site visits per day
  • Average Visit Length - The average length of time spent on the site

    2. The Page Impressions tab provides a breakdown of the number of impressions (hits) per URL. The list can be sorted by URL or Impressions by clicking on the red heading at the top of each column.

    Viewing general statistics

    1. Select Statistics Report from the Statistics Reporter menu

    2. Click the Applications Stats tab

    3. Select the time period to view statistics using the From and To drop-down lists

    4. To view applications for a particular subsite only, select form the Subsite drop-down list

    5. Click Display Report

    6.   A list of the applications and description of their statistics will be displayed