Adding Events

Each Company Calendar stores events and these events store information for GreenOrbit users. The users with security level of Creator, Contributor, Editor, Full Control can add events accordingly. 

To Add Events to a Calendar:

1. Navigate to the subsite and then access the calendar that has to be modified.


2. Click on the Full Calendar link, located at the bottom of the Calendar on the left.

3. Now, click on the Add tab, located at the top of the calendar.  You can also add an event by simply clicking on the desired date and it will take you to the "Add Event" wizard. 

4. The Add Event wizard will pop-up and the user is required to enter the following details :

  • Title: The title that the users will see on the calendar. 
  • Calendar: The calendar name gets displayed in which the Event is getting added. 
  • Event Group: It allows users to view events based on the Event Group. To view the autocomplete category list, the user should type something in it or can create a new event group and maximum of three event groups can be added here.
  • Description: A text box where a user can enter the relevant details about the calendar. 
  • Date: It states the Start and End date for the event. If the event is for the entire day the select the All Day checkbox otherwise deselect the checkbox. 
  • Type: The event can be set as a Single Event or to the Recurring Event. Recurrence and occurrence can be set as per requirement from the drop-down.

5. Click on the Save tab, to save the event.