Editing and Deleting EventsĀ 

Users with a security level of Creator, Contributor, Editor and Full Control have the ability to edit and delete the Events.

To Edit an Event:

1. Click on the Full Calendar link that is below the calendar. Hover over the event in the calendar and click on it once. (image)

2. The Event box will pop-up and then click on the Edit option link on it. (image)

3. The user can edit the Title, Event Group, Description, Date and Type according to the requirement. (image)

4. Click on the Save tab, to save the edited details. (image)

To Delete an Event:

1. After clicking on Full Calendar link, click once on the event in the calendar. (image)

2. The event tab will pop-up. (image)

3. Select the Delete link. (image)

4. The Delete Event box will open, now click on the Delete tab. (image)