How To Add a New Calendar: 

You currently have you company calendar on your site, but you want to add another calendar to your site.  How do you do that?  Follow the steps below.

Adding A New Calendar

1. Click on the Full Calendar link below the calendar. Then from the Breadcrumb Bar at the top, navigate to the Company calendar application page.

2. Click on the Add option located in the menu toolbar. 

3. The Add Calendar wizard will open, where the user should enter the details.

  • Title: Give an appropriate title to the calendar.
  • URL Path: The URL path automatically gets generated based on the Title, which can be modified if required.
  • Description: Give an appropriate calendar description that is visible to the users viewing the full calendar. 
  • Active: It is selected by default and if it is set to inactive mode then the calendar won't be displayed on the Front End. 
  • Shared: If the calendar is shared then the events can be accessed by other subsites. 
  • Color: Select a color for the calendar and each event from this calendar will get displayed with the selected color. 
  • Overlay Calendars: User can select the calendar/calendars that should be visible while viewing the current calendar. The calendars get overlaid in the current calendar.
  • Overlay Rooms: The rooms created within the Meeting Room Booking application can be overlaid in this option. This calendar can include the meeting rooms overlaid when it is viewed on the Front End. 
  • Security: The security can be set for the calendar which determines the users who can read, edit and approve the events as well as the calendar details. The users can also be added into the security chain via the Add users.

4. Finally, click on the Finish tab to create the calendar.