The Profile page comprises an Activity Feed for posting the latest stories, #Channels and Private Groups. It shows the details of the user as an employee.

To View the Profile:

1. On the right side of the Generic toolbar, click on the name's tab drop-down. 

2. From the drop-down list, select View option. 

3. The profile page will load and the layout of user's profile depends entirely on the organization's profile set-up. 

To Edit the Profile:

1. From the name drop-down on the Generic toolbar click on the Edit option.

2. The Editing profile page will load. 

3. Completing the Profile: Enter the required series of fields such as Name, Last Name, Profile Image, Location, Job Title.

4. Updating the Profile Image:

  •  Click on the Browse tab in the Profile Image box and select an image. The user can zoom-in the picture according to the requirement. 

  • Click on the Apply tab to save the image. 

5. In the About Me section the user can enter the details such as Bio, Job Description.(image)

6. Click on the Save tab located at the bottom of the page. (image)