To Search a Profile Directory and Follow the Contacts

Searching Profile Directory:

The profile Directory is used to search for employees within the organization .

1. Go to the Profile Directory on the layout and enter a search term related to user's details such as First Name, Last Name, Location, etc or select View All Profiles. (image)

2. The user will get directed to the Profile Directory Results page. (image)

3. Filter By- The Filter By panel on the left can be used to refine the search results for a better search. (image)

4. Select the check boxes of the options within the required sections in the Filter By panel. (image)

5. New Search- To perform a new search select the  New Search option located within the Profile Directory above the search results. The new search option clears the current search so that the user can enter a new search term. (image)

Follow the Contacts:

From the Profile Directory list, select the Follow tab of the people that the user wishes to follow. Any posts or updates made by the followed people will appear within the feed.(image)