Creating a Channel

A Channel is created for hashtagging the content that is displayed in a feed. Users can view the tagged content as well as post content within the Channel Feed.

Two ways to create a new Channel:

  • #tagging content in any application.
  • Via the User Profile Screen/ the My Hub editing toolbar.

1. #tagging content in any application:

  • User will see a list of All Channels in the system and can create a Channel also depending on the level of security. Users with appropriate security can create a channel by adding a #'tag' within the Froala Editor of any app.
  • When a user adds a word after a '#' it creates a channel after the word is typed down and displays all the channels matching the entered letters.
  • The example mentioned below explains how to add #tag for 'News' to a news article. GreenOrbit uses 'predictive text' to display the channels that are already created and if the Channel is not created then the user will be prompted to 'Create New Channel' after the hashtag. 
  • Either Click Enter or Space to create a new Channel.
  • When a Channel is created, the hashtag changes the format to a blue button with white text. This will redirect the user to view the Channel which is an active hyperlink within the content. (image)

2. To create a Channel via the User profile:

  1. Click on the View link in the My Profile section.
  2. Click on the Channels tab. 
  3. Now, click on the Add link. 
  4.  Add a new Channel wizard will pop-up, enter the details as given: 
  • Title: Enter the Channel's title.
  • Hashtag: Give a hashtag to the title.
  • URL Path: It is system generated based on the Hashtag entered.
  • Description: Enter an appropriate description that the viewers will see while viewing this Channel.

       5. Click on the Save tab.

         6. Once a channel is created, user can access the Channel Feed from the #Channel list. 

  • Here the user can write a post, upload an image, upload a file and can also insert a link related to this Channel. (image)                         


1. Click on the bell icon and select Channels. 

(Follow from step three onwards as mentioned above)