Manage Priority Contacts

Priority Contacts are users who will be prompted in the Profile Directory Search Results when specific search terms are entered or filtered.

  • Based on the keywords set, the priority contact will be featured above the Profile Directory results in the page.

Access the admin interface:

1. From the Application Explorer, select Home Subsite.

2. Select My Hub and then click on Profile Directory.

3. Select Manage Priority Contacts. From here the user can Add, Edit and Delete Priority Contact wizard.

4. To add Priority Contact, select the Add Priority Contact wizard.

5. The user will be initiated to run through the Add Priority Contact wizard.

  1. Step 1. Details:

    Select Add User to add a Priority Contact then enter the Keywords into the Keywords field to start associating the contact with the listed keywords.

    You can add multiple keywords in one priority contact setup,
    then select the Next button.

    Step 2. Finish:

    This step provides a summary of the Keywords added with the Contact.

    Select the Finish button

6. The Priority Contact will be added to the list, select the OK button to save and exit or select the Apply button to save but stay on the same page.