Add Private Group

Note: The user  who creates a Private Group is the Owner of that Private Group. The Owner has the permissions to perform actions in the Private Group, that countermand the security settings i.e. the Private Group is not governed by Security. The actions include to view a group, edit group, delete group, post to a group, delete other's posts, delete other's comments.

1. To Add a Private Group, go to My Profile and click on the view link.

2. Click on the Private Groups tab.

3. Now, click on the Add button. 

4. The Add Private Group wizard will be initiated.

 a. Enter the following details:

  • Title: Enter a name for the private group.
  • URL Path: The URL automatically gets populated based on the Title.
  • Description: Give an appropriate description to the private group that the members of the group will see.
  • Click on the Next tab. 

 b. Members:

  • Switch on the tab, if the creator wants to inform the members that they have been added to the Private Group. 
  • In the Add Members section the creator can type the names of the users in order to add them to the group. 

5. Finally, click on the Finish tab to create the group. 


1. Click on the bell icon and select Private Groups. 

(Follow from step three onwards as mentioned above)