Manage Members and Manage Owner

Manage Members:

1. From the Directory, click on the Private Group's Title. (image)

2. Select Manage Members from the Editing toolbar. (image)

3. The Owner can either add members or delete members from the group.

  • Add Members: Type the name of the user to be added as a member and select the name from list. (image)
  • Remove Members: Select the checkbox of the member to be removed and then click on the Remove button located above the list of members.

4. To save the final changes, click on the Save tab. (image)

Manage Owner:

1. Select the Private Group's Title from the Directory. (image)

2. Click on the Manage Owner option in the editing toolbar. (image)

3. Select the new owner from the given list of users. (image)

4. Now, click on the Save tab to save the final changes. (image)