Activity Feed

The Profile Page comprises an Activity Feed for the users to post the latest stories with a Profile giving the details of the User as an employee.

The process is conducted via the Front End of GreenOrbit and depends on the level of security applied.

How to use the Activity Feed:

To access the Activity Feed either Click on the bell-icon and then select Activity Feed from the drop-down or Click on the Profile and select View. Then select the Activity Feed link. (images)

Posts related:

The User will be able to see posts from other users whom they are following and a text in the feed itself if someone has '@mentioned' the respective user. (image)

Searching Activity Feed

Users are able to search posts in their activity feed

Commenting, Linking, Sharing:

The user can Comment and/or Like the posts by their colleagues. By clicking on the Comment link, the user can type a comment in the comment box. The text can be styled to Bold, Italics or Underlined, then Click on the Comment tab. (image)


Writing the Posts-File, Image, Link:

  • The Activity Feed is used to update the followers on projects, news, team communications, etc. The user can upload multiple images, upload a file and can also insert link.(image)
  • Now, click on the Post tab.

To insert a Link into the Post :

1. Write the text.

2. Highlight the text to be linked. (image)

3. Select the insert link icon. (image)

4. In the insert link tab, enter the URL and the user can select the checkbox if the content to be opened in a new tab. (image)

5. Click on the Insert option. (image)

Mentioning Colleagues:

Mentioning a colleague or colleagues in a post notifies the tagged person in their Activity Feed.

To mention a colleague:

1. Type the @symbol followed by the colleagues first two or three letters. (image)

2. Select the name from the drop-down list. (image)

3. The mention will appear in the box. (image)

4. Once you save the mention, it will appear in the mentioned user's Activity Feed. (image)

To Upload an Image:

1. Click on the Add Images tab. (image)

2. Browse the image to be uploaded. User can upload multiple images from the Add Images option. (image)

3. Click on the Post tab. (image)

To Upload a File:

1. Click on the Upload File icon. (image)

2. Choose the file from the directory. (image)

3. Click on the Post tab. (image)

Editing/ Deleting Posts:

Editing or Deleting a post depends on the level of security:

Edit: Against each post the user will see three dots, click on that and select Edit option. (image)

Now, the owner can edit the post according to the requirement.

Delete: Against each post the user will see three dots, click on that and then select the Delete option. (image)

  • The Delete Post wizard will pop-up. Click on the Delete button. (image)