Master Profile


A Master Profile is the standard profile that is used by all the intranet users. Any user with a Full Control access can create a master profile. To create a master profile, a full control user must create a master profile template first.  A Master Profile sits at the top of the master profile template. The template gives a structure to your profile that comprises of columns, rows and layout, which determines where the components can sit on the Master Profile. Multiple Master Profile Templates can be created  but only one Master profile with a single template is used at a single time.

To Create a Master Profile Template: 

1. Click on the view option from the drop-down in My Profile located on the right at the top in the Top toolbar.

2. A screen with the dialog box will be prompted that would suggest you to create a Master profile. (image)

3. Select Create a new Master Profile, then select Add New Template from the dialog box. (image)

4. Enter the details for the template:(image)

Title: give a name to the Master Profile template.

Description: Give an appropriate description about the template.

5. Click on the Finish tab.(image)

6. The window where the template can be created appears, a full control user can go on adding the rows and columns according to the requirement.(image)

To use the template in Master Profile:

1. Once the template is created,