Minimum Specifications

Carefully read the Technical Specifications guide for both software and hardware requirements and ensure your server meets these.

SQL database server

Check the architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) of your SQL server:

  1. Open MS SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Go to File > New > Query with current connection and in the query window type "SELECT @@VERSION" (no quotes)
  3. Go to Query > Execute and examine the output. Look for either X86 (which is 32-bit) or X64 (which is 64-bit).

Another way you can check is by right clicking the server in the Object Explorer, selecting Properties and look at the value for Platform.

Download and install the MS Office 2010 Filter Pack. Ensure that you install the filter pack that matches the bitness of your database instance on the database server.

For Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8.x or higher

Ensure that you have the following Role Services installed for IIS 8.x. To alter the roles within IIS do the following:

  1. Go to Start > Run > type "%SystemRoot%\system32\ServerManager.exe"
  2. Select "IIS" (the IIS item may take a minute or so to load)
  3. In right-hand panel scroll down to "Roles and Features"
  4. Click "Tasks" and then "Add Role Services"
  5. Make sure items that are selected below are enabled. Any roles not listed below aren't required by iD but can be installed optionally.


Common HTTP FeaturesInstalled
Default DocumentY
Directory BrowsingY
HTTP Errors Y
Static ContentY
HTTP RedirectionY
WebDAV PublishingY

Health and DiagnosticsInstalled
HTTP LoggingY
Logging ToolsY
Request MonitorY

Static Content CompressionY
Dynamic Content CompressionY

Request FilteringY
Basic AuthenticationY
Client Certificate MappingY
Digest Authentication    
IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authentication
IP and Domain Restrictions
URL Authorization
Windows Authentication

Application DevelopmentInstalled
.NET Extensibility 3.5Y
.NET Extensibility 4.5**Y
ISAPI ExtensionsY
ISAPI FiltersY


.NET Framework 3.5 FeaturesInstalled
.NET Framework 3.5Y
HTTP Activation
Non-HTTP ActivationY

.NET Framework 4.5 Features**Installed
.NET Framework 4.5**Y
ASP.NET 4.5**Y
WCF services
- HTTP Activation
- Named Pipe Activation
- TCP Activation
- TCP Port Sharing

** .NET Framework has been updated to 4.7 in later versions of Windows Server. The same roles and features will need to be enabled.