GO provides two options for storing binary files (e.g. PDF or Word Documents). The choice of file storage will depend on the environment into which iD is being installed. The choice of file storage option is made during the installation process of the GO software.

Please note that GO will function the same regardless of the file storage system selected.

SQL Server Storage

The SQL Server Storage variation of GO has been tailored to medium to large enterprise installations of GO and provides the basis for building a reliable, high availability and scalable deployment of GO. By utilizing a separate Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2012 database for file storage, this option provides a common interface to content from any number of front-end web servers. Using a highly efficient caching and transfer system each web server can display content from the database at similar or faster rates than off the local storage system. 


  • High performance
  • Ability to load balance web servers
  • Scalable as usage increases
  • Distribute load more effectively (Using SQL Server 2005/2012)
  • Simpler backup and disaster recovery ability


  • Additional SQL server license may be required
  • SQL server requires high performance (fast I/O) storage
  • No migration is available from SQL Server storage back to Windows File System storage


Windows File System Storage

The Windows File System storage variation of GO is primarily tailored to small to medium size, single server installations of GO. All files and content added to the content database are saved on the local windows file system (of the web server) in a specific folder and file format. Files and folder are uniquely named and stored in such a way to maintain efficient usage of the file system while maintaining a structured, easily maintained and fast system.


  • High capacity (thousands of files can be added)
  • Low storage cost (using existing standard hard drive or SAN on web server)
  • Simple to install (no external requirements)
  • Less database use allowing for SQL Server Express to be used
  • A migration to SQL Server file storage can be undertaken in the future using a migration tool (please contact support@greenorbit.com for information on the migration tool)


  • Not compatible with a load balanced environment
  • May require large local hard disk capacity
  • SQL Server must be installed on the web server


The windows file system storage variation is best used in a single server installation where load balancing and large enterprise performance and scalability are not required. If utilizing an SQL Server Express database option then the file system storage variation may be best used as SQL Server Express has restrictions on the size to which a database can grow.