What is it?

It allows users to set up Required Read/View or read receipts for important content that the users must read or view. Once having read/viewed the content, users can confirm having read/viewed it. This functionality is available within the CMS application - for files and pages.

Adding Required Read/View

(Note: Any user with Read only access or above to a file/page, can add Required Read/View for it)

1. Click on Library or Publish link to be taken to CMS
2. Click on the folder with the file/page for which Required Read/View is to be setup.
3. Select the checkbox corresponding to the file/page for which Required Read/View is to be assigned
4. Click on Required Read/View and select Add in the dropdown menu

5. Search for users/user groups and click Add

6. Add Due Date (optional)

7. Click Save. In the folder, the item will now be labelled with the tag Assigned Read/View

Editing Required Read/View

1. Select the item by clicking the check box

2. Click on Required Read/View and select Edit in the dropdown menu

3. Make changes to the list of users or due date (Eg: Add new users or user groups in the list)
4. Click Save

Notifications for Required Read/View

1. The users will be notified about the Required Read/View assigned to them via the bell icon on the top tool bar. 

    (There will be no email/activity feed notifications.)
2. Assignees can click on the links in the Required Read/View section to access the detailed Required Read/View section 

Required Read/View section

1. Accessible via the links on the bell icon in the top tool bar
2. My Read/View List 

        Has all the Unread, Pending and Overdue items assigned as Required Read/View for the logged in user

  •         Unread - Items that the user has not read/viewed. Users can select the item and click on View to view/read it.

  •         Pending - Items that the user has read/viewed but has not confirmed as having read/viewed. Users can select the item to Confirm reading/viewing them.
  •        Overdue - Unread / Overdue -Pending - Items that are past the due date but are either Unread or Pending.

3. Confirmed Read/Views 

        The items confirmed by the logged in user as having read/viewed. Users can select an item to either View Confirmation or Download the item.

4. Assigned by Me 

     Required Read/View assigned by the logged in user. 

     Users can select an item to View or Edit the Required Read/View.

     They can also download the report (Excel doc) for the Required Read/View they assigned by clicking on the Download Report option.